Nick Crossan, New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council

The Center for Public Service’s Internship Program is doing great things for junior Nick Crossan. Nick is interning at the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council (NOCDC) located in Downtown New Orleans. Nick chose to intern with NOCDC because of his interest in international politics. Nick goes to his internship every Friday, and helps out with the different events for international visitors. Every week Nick works on a different project with the other interns. He also gets to work closely with ambassadors from different countries when they come in town for meetings and events – which Nick says is the best part of his experience. He got to meet and talk with a Moroccan export ambassador who has further influenced his interests in international relations.

Crossan (1)

While Nick does some clerical work, he plays an important role in the greeting of ambassadors and their teams. He exchanges with them on the different projects he is working on with the NOCDC as well as being a Tulane student. To Nick, the most transformative part of Nick’s experience has been learning business manners and taking advantage of the opportunity to practice his professionalism and leadership skills. He has also been able to network with many international visitors and New Orleanians. For other students interested, this experience is incredibly unique in that you gain actual experience with foreign ambassadors and are able to build a great network. The NOCDC is impressed with Nick’s progress and abilities and wants more Tulane University interns! For more information on how to participate in the CPS Internship Program, contact

Written by Kayla McGruder, a freshman and student associate for the Public Service Internships and International Programs at CPS. 

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